How to Complain-moving companies

Moving Companies!  There are some great reputable ones out there. There are some very shady ones too.


How many stories have you heard of or worse, lived? Cases where movers have overbooked, don’t show, try to hold your contents for more money, try to up charge you at the drop off, drop things, break things or are rude? At least once maybe?  That’s a big yes for me too. Moving companies, the reputable ones, are no different on how to complain too.

Use my rules if you have a bad experience with your mover! Get compensated! 

It may be more difficult to get compensated if you went with a less known moving company. Craigslist or Kijiji can work well but I’ve also heard of horror stories. Be careful. 

For moving my life’s contents, I’m going with someone who is known, checked on the Better Business Bureau and recommended by word of mouth.

Now before any of you movers start getting on me for the negative things mentioned above, I want to say I have had some great movers too over the years, the trick is to find one and remain loyal if they do the job well. We know you’re out there. Feel free to share your tips by leaving a comment.

This real life example happened a few years back with my wife when she was moving. She used a reputable mover.

They came out and visited the home, estimated the cost and size of truck needed. Boom. Done.

Come moving day / moving evening the moving truck and movers show but of course turns out the truck was too small to take all of her contents. The solution from the company, just leave the overflow in the garage and they will get it the next day or actually they would send another truck, maybe. Well I don’t know about any of you but let’s see, the house was closed, new owners own it and leaving one’s contents in the now new owners garage didn’t seem right.

She needed the rest of her stuff moved. She hired another moving company that hour to get the rest of her contents moved. Paid the new mover and held back money from the original mover for their screw up. Sounds reasonable didn’t it?

Well the original moving company, the reputable one, wanted their money owing for the job they didn’t complete.

My wife refused. They sent it to a collection agency. And the end result is the letter and email chain I share with you below. The end result was us getting compensated.

Watch for my book coming too!


Keep in mind the dates in the below emails. Be patient and make notes and don’t give up! This took us a while to settle.


First letter to the President of moving company.

W. Xxxxxxx

President and General Manager

XXxX. Xxxx Ltd.



February 8, 2010






Re: Local 19765


Dear Mr. XXXX:


I received your letter dated November 26, 2009 requesting a final payment from myself for $251.75 for your company’s services. You stated it was not your fault I hired another company.


Perhaps after reading this letter you, as well as any other reasonable person having read this letter would agree I was put into a position to hire another company.


First of all, as you are aware as a result of me calling your company,  Mr. Xxx attended my home at xxx street to view the contents to determine a quote. He attended in October 2009 and viewed my contents to be moved to xxxxx and my husband’s contents to be moved elsewhere as we were separating.


My contents were clearly identified to Mr. Xxx and separate from my husband’s contents. I asked  Mr. Xxx for a flat rate and he advised he would get in touch with me with a quote. He e-mailed me a quote and a deposit was made by myself.


My husband’s contents were picked up by your movers in the beginning of November 2009 and I was present. Once my husband’s contents were packed in your truck I showed your “lead mover” my contents in the house and inquired as to the size of truck required to fit all of my contents.


He advised he would talk to  Mr. Xxx and tell  Mr. Xxx what he saw as to my contents, keeping in mind Sir;  Mr. Xxx had already viewed my contents.


I didn’t hear from  Mr. Xxx. I called him and again reiterated that I had spoken to his “lead mover” about the size of truck. I also mentioned that if it was a transport that would be acceptable, but to have a skilled driver as it would be challenging to back it in at my new address.  Mr. Xxx advised he would talk to the “lead mover” and would call me back if necessary and come back out to view the contents if necessary.


I never heard from  Mr. Xxx and he never came out to look at the contents again.


Your movers arrived on November 25, 2009 and began packing the truck. As I watched the truck begin to fill, I became concerned that all of my contents would not fit in the one truck. Approximately 1 hour before the truck was filled I asked “is everything going to fit”. Your mover advised it was okay as another truck was coming to finish and then deliver the contents to my new address on Friday November 27, 2009, 2 days later.


I spoke to you on the phone at that time and you advised me there was another truck on the way from Eastern xxxxxx and to wait at the house. You also said the contents would not be delivered until Friday. I advised you that I had 3 toddlers to pick up at school and take to the new house. You then made the suggestion to leave my house unlocked for the movers that would arrive later in the second truck. I don’t leave my house unlocked for many reasons including insurance purposes. Is it a policy of your company to leave loaded trucks unlocked when loaded and unattended?


Clearly Mr.XXXX I did not hire your company to move my contents in stages. Clearly I expected the proper size truck to move all my contents in one trip as indicated above.


Why should I be inconvenienced into waiting for my contents to arrive 2 days later, if at all? I hired your company to move everything in one trip and made ample inquires to ensure the proper size truck was sent to do the job.


So when you state in your letter it wasn’t your fault I hired another company, I strongly disagree. I needed my contents delivered on the 25th of November. Your company was hired to do that. Your company failed. I was not going to wait 2 more days to see if your company actually delivered on the Friday for 2 reasons as follows:


1. I lost confidence in your company at that moment and for the future.

2. I needed and expected my contents that night.


I did the only thing I could do; I hired another company in order to get my contents delivered that night.


So perhaps with all the facts in the open, would it not be reasonable for xXxX xXxX Ltd to waive the $251.75? I paid $500 for the second company to pick up your slack. So in essence I paid your $251.75 to the other company to complete your contract and the move. It would appear that I paid an extra $248.25 that you now owe me.




I hope Mr. XXxX after reading this letter you will do the reasonable and right thing.


Look forward to hearing from you.


Ms. Xxxx

15 days  later a simple email back to us.

From: xxxx
To: us
Sent: Tue, February 23, 2010 11:39:07 AM
Subject:  local move

Hi….did you receive this letter from xXxX LTD?  They sent it to me.


From us
Date:Wed, Feb 24, 2010 at 9:31
Subject:Re: local move


No I did not receive the letter from xXxX LTD that you have attached. Thank you for attaching it. The fact that I haven’t received anything from them and that they originally mailed my invoice to the house they moved me from illustrates a systemic error or I suggest incompetence.

I will address the letter in a moment. You mentioned in your first e-mail that you would look into this matter, have you? Your current e-mail mentions nothing you havelearned about the situation and only attaches a very inaccurate letter from  xXxX LTD. I am hoping that perhaps you may see through an unfortunate situation and look into as you mentioned.

My original letter stands on its merit, I took detailed notes during the incident fearing potential inconsistencies from  xXxX LTD as things unfolded on my moving day. Sometimes when one reads a letter I suggest the ring of truth comes out as I suggest mine does.

Mr.XXXXX response on the other hand is ambiguous, inaccurate, inconsistent, blaming and most of all insulting.

Curious how Mr.XXXXX states he sent a 28′ truck, the size I requested and that there was more weight then I had told Mr.XXXXX. I am not in the moving business, I do not know what size truck to request, I do not know how much weight my contents are, hence XXXX LTD sent someone out (xxx) to make a quote and give guidance. Clearly I do not dictate the size of truck or weight of the contents to xxx, that is his job. XXXX LTD  suggesting anything other is ludicrous and to be kind inaccurate and placing the blame on the customer.

Not only did xxx look at the contents prior to my move and my husband’s move for which he quoted but the day my husband was moved by XXXX LTD  another employee looked at my contents. He relayed messages to xxx to ensure whatever size truck they deemed necessary they would send and it would fit in one truck. I received nothing back from xxx indicating any concerns from XXXX LTD .

Point number 2 being that XXXX LTD  suggests it is not unusual to leave an overflow and another crew could pick it up. Perhaps that does happen but clearly in my case all reasonable efforts on my part and my clear expectation was to send whatever truck was required for the job. XXXX LTD  failed to do that.

When I learned of the fact that it wouldn’t fit, yes I did advise that I had to leave to get my three children under the age of four, one accurate fact from Mr. XXXX’s letter.

I find it most insulting that Mr. XXXX fails to mention the telephone conversation I had with him as his movers were there on my moving day. I called him from my cell phone, obviously upset that his company could not take all of my property as promised. He made the suggestion to leave my house unlocked for his movers for when they arrived. He told me they property would not be delivered until Friday.

Two very big facts that Mr. XXXX fails to mention in his letter and conveniently he is unaware where I received information as to my contents being delivered on Friday. I remember every detail and noted it too as I couldn’t believe the incompetence of XXXX LTD  after all the effort I put into having the right arrangements made based on all of their recommendations and commitments.

And all Mr. XXXX does is blame things on me, the customer and fails to accept any responsibility.

If the tone of this e-mail seems as if I may be angry, please accept that it is not anger, it is frustration in dealing with incompetence and companies that cannot take the high road and admit when mistakes are made, learn from them, act with some sort of integrity towards customers and do the right thing.

This is over $251.75. It is XXXX LTD  who owes me the extra money as per my original letter and to attempt to intimidate me with a collection agent through his companies incompetence is truly not businesslike or professional and reflects on your company.

I would hope that perhaps you will look into this as you mentioned and intervene for everyone’s sake. I’m sure any reasonable member of the public hearing the facts would give a pause before hiring XXXX LTD  if my situation is any indicator on how they conduct business.

I have not cc’d XXXX LTD  on this but please feel free to pass this on in your endeavours to resolve this situation.

I have not decided as to my correspondence to XXXX LTD  until I hear what you may suggest or what you do if anything to resolve this issue. I am considering what compensation I may be entitled to as well due to the unnecessary stress placed on myself and family on the day of the move due to XXXX LTD  failing to meet its commitment to me and the unreasonable suggestions made by Mr. XXXX adding to the problem.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks in advance,

Ms. Xxx


 Forwarded Message —-

From: us
To: a new representative as no acknowledgment by 2 days later
Sent: Thu, February 25, 2010 9:54:14 PM
Subject: XXXXX xx 

Dear Mr. :

Attached is a cover letter explaining my concerns about xXxX XXXXX LTD and more importantly  your company through their lack of intervention in this matter. The other attachments are e-mails and a letter I sent to Mr. XXXX and your customer service. The originals will follow by mail proper. I can also forward the e-mails directly to you if you prefer the chain that way.

It may look like many documents but they are quick reads.

Ms. Xxxx

No confirmation of my above email until a phone call and below email.

From: high level executive
Date:Tue, Mar 2, 2010 at 7:37
Subject:RE: xxx LTD.

Good morning Ms. xxxx,


Thank you for taking the time to speak with me yesterday.


As discussed, I will be sending you a cheque in the amount of $351.75.  $251.75 representing a refund for the balance of your move that you paid out of pocket as well as $100.00 for the resulting difficulty in this matter.


I thank you for bringing this matter to our attention as this is not the type of service that we strive to provide.


Should you require any further assistance or need our services in the future, please feel welcome to contact me directly.