Hurt? Injured? How to Complain without lawyers!

Have you ever hurt  yourself in a store? Injured yourself and it’s not your fault? Don’t know what to do? Read on! You don’t need a lawyer……


Hello everyone out there. First of all I want to be clear, I am not a lawyer or claim to be a lawyer. I am not trying to act as a lawyer in this post or any of my posts. I am sharing what has worked for me when I have complained in the past and sharing what I have learned or lived when dealing with injuries. Some injuries through no fault of mine and some with a little fault of mine.



Let me paint you a picture. You contact your local Internet Provider to attend your home for a service call. The Internet Provider is well-known and a multi –billion dollar company. It’s a sunny day, dry and mid summer. You are doing some outside chores when the technician shows up in his company van.  He parks his company van in your driveway.

The technician is polite and gets to work on the outside of the house. His company van remains parked in your driveway while you go about your chores. As you walk behind his company van to talk to the technician you strike your forehead on the rear corner of the open and raised van hatch.

Your forehead starts to gush blood (no, really, gushing 🙂 )  and your 4-year-old daughter sees the blood and becomes upset. The technician returns and closes his rear hatch and asks if you are ok. By now your wife has brought paper towel for your bleeding forehead.

You apply pressure to stop the bleeding. What are you thinking right about now? As you’re reading this,  if this was you? Or in this case, what was I thinking because it was me! Yes me, adding another scar to my body!

Was I thinking about complaining because I got hurt? No. Was I thinking about hiring a lawyer? No. I was thinking that it freaking hurt! I was thinking, wow there’s a lot of blood! I was thinking about my daughter being scared. I was thinking do I need stitches? I was thinking why did he leave his van hatch open? I was thinking what a klutz I was.


Well, the technician finished his job, I went to the hospital and received stitches to my forehead and then I began to think. Do I have a valid complaint? Was it my entire fault? I thought that he should have closed his van door. There were all kinds of tools in the rear of the van, accessible to my children if they climbed in.  Had the technician closed the door I never would have got hurt. I wrote a letter to the President of the company within a week of my injury. Following my essential rules to complaining of course.



1. Ask yourself, “Do I have a valid complaint?” 2. Know what your goal is. 3. Know who to complain to. 4. Make detailed notes. 5. Be polite, professional and use your manners!

I felt I had a valid complaint. I knew what my goal was, compensation, money, cash. I knew who to complain too, the President. I made detailed notes and took pictures of my injuries. I was polite and professional.

In part here is some of my first correspondence to the President of the company. I had already explained what had happened to me in the email to the President and this is almost at the end of the email.


“Mr. XXXX, I would suggest that there is an onus on Company ABC employees entering onto one’s property for the purpose of conducting Company ABC business to ensure they do not create any hazards for the property owner or occupants or anyone that may reasonably be expected to be there. This may be something as simple as ensuring their vehicle is in “park” to prevent the vehicle from moving and potentially rolling into or over the homeowner or children or causing property damage. It may also include the employee refraining from laying his/her tools out on the ground in a haphazard manner whereby they create a tripping hazard for themselves and the homeowner. I also suggest there is an onus on the employee to abide by workplace safety training as well other rules in order that they do not place themselves in danger, for example wearing proper safety equipment. (hard hats, safety boots, prohibited from going on roofs etc.)

In this case Mr. XXX, your technician failed to close the van door. This resulted in a hazard, the sharp corners of the van exposed and up. He failed to put safety cones or any other item outside of the van at the front and rear creating a buffer and yes to ensure a circle check is completed before he left.”


I’ll share with you folks reading this post that my Internet Provider was quick to respond to me regarding my injury and I even received correspondence from the Vice President of the company.  Then it went dark! No one answered my emails. I didn’t give up, actually I did give up a little as life gets busy but then I would get back to taking on the company.

I did informal questions and answers with technicians out and about doing their work in public  for the same company. Such as why do they place orange cones at the front and rear of their work van when working? I received a host of answers from I don’t know to company policy. I gathered evidence and created a case. A case that I could sue civilly on, use social media to help others and get compensated for my injury and scar or hire a lawyer. I wanted something!

There are many lawyers in my neck of the woods that offer to represent people if they are injured. Injured in a slip and fall, automobile accidents, animal and dog bites, work related accidents and more. These lawyers provide a great service I believe, and many offer free consultation and don’t ask for money from you unless there is a settlement reached. Awesome! Check your local area as to what is available as far as personal injury lawyers.

The question is at what point do you go to a lawyer when you get hurt versus complaining on your own? Some citizens in some countries sue at the drop of a hat or hot coffee! I felt I could check out what the lawyers thought of my case provided I didn’t have to spend money but I also felt confident in my skills of complaining and negotiating that I could do well on my own.

I met with some lawyers for a free initial consultation. Some said I didn’t have a case and some said I did but they wanted cash up front. So in this case going with a lawyer wasn’t for me, it might be for you. Hey I can also provide a service of writing emails for you if you need help. Contact me if you like!

I felt strongly that I was hurt through some of my own fault but ultimately because of the technician. I’ll  take some responsibility but not all of it. Had he placed cones out, I would have walked around them. Had he closed the hatch door, I wouldn’t have hit my head.

Businesses have responsibilities to provide a safe shopping environment to its customers at malls, stores, and shops as well as a safe environment at hotels, airports and other places. The following list are some examples:

• Clearing snow and salting parking lots and walkways.

• Cleaning up spills on store floors.

• Warning signs of hazards, i.e. Caution slippery when wet, Caution falling Ice overhead.

• Proper lighting in parking lots and stores.

• Workers on customer properties not creating hazards.

Really the list can go on. Have you hurt yourself somewhere and thought back maybe I should have seen a lawyer? Or you regret not complaining or didn’t know how? I hope this post helps.


I decided to use email and present my case in totality to the President. I sent a package via registered courier to the President. Nothing back from him or his designate. Time went on. Life went on. Actually over a year.


I made one final “hail Mary” and re-sent another package via courier to the President. I’ll include in totality the correspondence in my EBook coming out soon.


My “hail Mary” included photos, emails, receipts for past registered courier delivery of my package, correspondence from the Vice-President of the company promising me adjusters would contact me, they never did. I provided all of the above and titled it “Pre-Media Release version”.

Well, that worked, the company’s lawyers contacted me. I can’t reveal the amount of money that I, without hiring my own lawyer, negotiated with their lawyer as compensation as a result of the entire incident. Let me say it was well worth the time and effort I put in, the toner for the package I printed and couriered twice, my inconvenience and my injury. Yippee!


You too can complain effectively if you get hurt or injured in order to get compensation. You can do it with or without a lawyer. Not sure how?  Contact me. Contact a lawyer in your area be careful not to pay up front, do your homework before you sign.


Don’t settle!

Complain well and save money by making money.