Negotiate and complain together

Hello folks!

I’d like to start off today with a few definitions as follows:

Definition of effective in English:

Successful in producing a desired or intended result.


Definition of complain in English:

Express dissatisfaction or annoyance about something.


Definition of complaint in English:

A statement that a situation is unsatisfactory or unacceptable.


Definition of negotiate in English:

Try to reach an agreement or compromise by discussion with others.

Source of definitions can be found at the following:


Now you probably are wondering “what’s up with the English lesson?”

A good friend of mine visited the website and asked me the question, “do you want to be labeled as a complainer?” I shared with her the bigger picture, the global picture, that this was not about being labeled, this was about not settling. This was about standing up for oneself when faced with something that in the most basic terms, is not right! Negotiate is a softer word then complain and ultimately once you start any complaint process you ultimately end up negotiating to some degree. So my friend agreed that negotiate seemed softer.

That being said, we can’t be soft when standing up against big business or small business, big manufacturers or small manufacturers, big restaurants or small restaurants, ok you get the idea. When I purchased my Samsung LED TV from Costco and after approximately 110 days it began to get lines in it, I didn’t call the Manager and start off by saying I’d like to negotiate. I called the Manager and went through my 5 essential rules of complaining. I actually started off by saying I was a long time loyal customer of Costco (don’t fib on being long time loyal, they can look at your account). I then said I wanted to share an experience I had with my TV. I didn’t use the word complain or complaint or negotiate. In essence I was complaining, hopefully effectively and I was negotiating too.


Of course the Manager explained the process that because the TV was over 90 days old I would have to go through their third party insurance. Negotiate I did. I explained I understood the rules and understood the rules when I purchased the TV. I explained it reflected negatively on Costco that the product they were carrying would go on the fritz a mere 110 days after I purchased it. I explained I had a Sony tube TV that was 20 years old and still worked and yet my new Samsung TV from Costco was not working after 110 days! (a little fib on the Sony tube TV, sounded good though!)


I explained and asked was it unreasonable for me to ask him, the Manager, to make a goodwill exception and allow me to bring the TV back to Costco just this once.  To save me the inconvenience of the third party insurance process?


By the way I did this over the phone, I was polite and professional, I knew my goal, I used my manners and he agreed. Thank you Costco! I received my entire purchase price back, TV prices had dropped since I bought the Samsung and I bought a nicer Sony for less money! I saved money by complaining or negotiating if you will.

Do I want to be labeled as a complainer? Do I want to be labeled as an effective complainer? The answer is yes to both.

Do I negotiate and recommend you to negotiate? Yes I do! It is the natural process in your complaint.

What I don’t suggest is that you whine. What I don’t suggest is that you get labeled as a whiner. What I don’t want to be labeled as, is a whiner. Why? Because of the following definition:

Definition of whine in English:

A feeble or petulant complaint.


Let us remember rule number one, “Do I have a valid complaint?”

If we don’t have a valid complaint then perhaps just move on. Let’s not whine.

In the same breath and this might sound hypocritical, you never know if you don’t ask or complain.

Why do most companies have complaint processes? Why do we have Ombudsmen, depending on where you live? Some businesses have a link to walk you through how to lodge a complaint against their business. They want to know if there are issues or complaints.



As far as complaining, again I say it is a mental state. See my previous post, Complaining is a Mental State.


We owe it to each other to complain and or negotiate, if you will. Why? So businesses take note and get better for all of us! During this hopefully you make some money by saving some money!


Definiteness of purpose is the starting point of all achievement. –W. Clement Stone


Enjoy your day.