Rude salesperson = complaint!

UPDATED FOLKS!! Greetings friends. It has been quite some time since I posted and I hope your life’s routines are complaint free! I also hope that you are not settling for poor services, inferior products or rude salespeople. ,

I have a busy life with my young children and older children (blended family 🙂 ) I am busy at work and commuting to work. I get tired and sometimes grumpy but I work at being aware at not letting my fatique result in myself being rude to anyone. That means at home, at work, to my barista, my boss, my dogs, anyone. Being polite is always a better route then being rude.

Having a busy life, stressful work or when you’re having a bad day never adds up it being ok to be rude. It never adds up to an excuse to be rude. You would think  that salespeople would get this principle more than anyone as their bread and butter depends on sales. Depends on helping their customer, identifying with their customer, creating a rapport with their customer. I’m not in sales but I’ve been around long enough that if I’m in the market for something I do my research and when it comes to dealing with a sales representative, I like to be treated fairly and with respect. That is the same way that I treat the sales person. Rude equals no sale or a complaint. Rude salesperson equals a complaint letter. Read on. 🙂

Recently my wife and I decided to get a tankless hot water heater. For those of you who may not know what that is, it is, in our case, a natural gas water heater without a storage tank. It mounts on the basement wall, needs natural gas to heat the water and electricity to power the venting. No more big tank in the basement and no more running out of hot water! (as long as you pay your

Ok ok, basic explanation, sorry to all of you gas fitters and installers. Well, we called or gas company and had a salesperson come out to explain the installation and rental agreement. He was very polite and professional.

We started the process of getting the tank. Because of our layout we needed a pre- installation inspection. After that we had some pretty basic questions of our salesperson.

Rude and arrogant is the way the conversation went between him and my wife over the phone. Same with me when I called later in the day to follow-up. You will see from the letter I wrote to the company I’ve attached how it went.

I applied my 5 rules of effective complaining and ultimately, spoiler alert, instead of $470 for the installation it was $270. We saved $200 by making a complaint. What I initially wanted was for this salesperson to know was you can’t get away with this crap, talking to me, my wife or anyone the way he did. Then it morphed into me asking for some Goodwill from the gas company. Why not! I had nothing to lose! We were renting the unit so the $200 off the installation was great!

Plus I felt good that this rude salesperson didn’t get away with it. How many of you would never complain in this instance? Let him off the hook? Bad day? Nope. Complaining is a mental state. Read my post on that. If I didn’t make a complaint the guy would still be acting the same way, he might be anyway but at least I said something. Maybe the guy is a problem child at work and his supervisor needed this info. Maybe he did have a bad day and his supervisor cut him some slack.

I’m $200 ahead because I complained effectively and I had a reasonable Manager to deal with.

Read the below letter I sent to the President of the gas company. He delegated it to the regional manager who dealt with me. I hope my letter shows all of my readers my template on complaining effectively. Tell the story. Paint a picture. Be reasonable.

Start of first letter.

Mr. Xxxxcc
President, ABC123 (not real name of company and not anything relating to ABC123 if it exists)

May 27, 2015

Mr. my name
my address

Dear Mr. Xxxxxx,

I find myself writing to you today to share an experience my wife and I recently had with a Certified Energy Management Consultant representing and or working for ABC123. Unfortunately it was not an entirely pleasant experience nor did it leave the customer, in this case my wife and I, satisfied.

I will try and be brief as you most certainly are a busy man but at the same time I feel it important that you at your leadership role/position need to hear of this type of thing, if not for your information only but for challenging the status quo.

I am currently a ABC123 customer. My wife and I recently decided to explore the possibility of getting a rental unit in the form of a Tankless Water Heater Unit from ABC123. On May 14th a Certified Energy management Consultant from your xxxxxcc office attended our home. His name was xxxxx xxxxx.

He was professional in our dealings with him on this day and he seemed knowledgeable about the product and process of installation. He recommended a Pre-Inspect as our home had quite a few things going on with Natural Gas, as such it wouldn’t be a basic installation. He was efficient and scheduled a Pre Inspect for May 20th.

Two installers came out on May 20th to make their determination as to the route to go for a Tankless Water Heater. I do not know their names, although I am sure it is on record somewhere within your company. My wife was home and spoke to them and showed them the layout. As a qualifier and to address an all too often stereotype in society today, my wife has a working knowledge of renovations and home improvements.

The installers made light of the way our current water tank was connected, basically making fun of it. The piping and fittings. When my wife pointed out that a ABC123 authorized installer installed it they quickly became quiet. Not professional and concerning that a job already completed by ABC123 became suspect based on comments from other ABC123 sub-contractors I would guess.

In any event they did their measurements and left advising they would tell xxxx a price and justification later that day. That was May 20th.

We didn’t hear from xxxx for some time; as a result, my wife contacted xxxx yesterday morning. He apologized for not getting back to us and advised he would get the numbers and call my wife back.

Xxxx called back at 2:15pm yesterday and had a seven minute conversation with my wife. It is here Mr. President name that the professionalism and perhaps openness and knowledge of xxxx failed. He advised the cost would be $470 for the installers to do the install. Of course my wife had questions just as any reasonable consumer would have. She asked how the $470 broke down. Xxxx seemed agitated as his tone changed advising “That’s the price that ABC123 needs to come out and do the install” Speaking to my wife as if she was a nuisance for asking. She repeated her question and xxxx advised the installers needed 30 feet of pipe to do the job.

Our house is 33 feet long. The Tankless Water Heater is going in the middle of the wall, the middle of the 33 feet. It may go down 4 feet on the wall. That would lead me to believe and my wife to believe that the piping required should be in and around 20 feet. I’d suggest Mr.president name; the next logical question would be “Why do the installers need 30 feet of piping?” That is what my wife asked xxxx . He repeated in a somewhat condescending tone telling my wife, “They told me they need 30 feet of pipe, that is what the price is. That’s the price ABC123 needs to come out and do the install. Pipe only comes in certain lengths.” My wife suggested and asked “Wouldn’t they purchase the pipe by the foot, or quote by the foot? What if the job was 10 feet, they charge for 30 feet?” All reasonable questions.

Xxcx didn’t seem to think so, he kept repeating himself “That’s the price.” My wife asked “Will you ask how they came up with 30 feet.” His response. “That’s the price ABC123 needs to come out and do the install.” Very unprofessional. He volunteered that his customers have been beating him up all day. Does this mean that my wife was beating him up by asking reasonable questions? Should my wife feel bad that as xxxx put it, his customers have been beating him up all day?

Perhaps xxxx had a bad day. Perhaps xxxc is in the wrong line of business if he becomes unprofessional with a customer based on other dealings with other customers, which appears to have happened here. My wife ended the call when xxxx ignored her question as to if he would ask how the 30 feet of pipe was arrived at. I said I would brief, but it is difficult.

I called xxxx at 5:35pm. I started off by saying I heard you have had a bad day to hopefully start off in another direction. He said he had and just got off the phone with his Boss. Xxxx said I guess you’re calling about the conversation I had with your wife. I advised that I was. He then proceeded to tell me that she wasn’t absorbing what he said and that the job requires 2 guys to be out all day and the price to get ABC123 was $470. I asked how they arrived at 30 feet of pipe explaining the length of our house.

Xxxx said the installers said they need approximately 30 feet of pipe, now including the word approximate. I asked xxxx if he could ask the installers how they arrived at that. Xxxx refused and told me I could get a private installer to do the job. He also said he could have the entire project reviewed and the cost good go up. Threat?

I told xxxx it was disrespectful of him to say my wife wasn’t absorbing his information. The fact was he wouldn’t or couldn’t answer her question or mine. I further said that when I as a consumer whether I was purchasing a stereo or other item that I may have questions and the salesperson should answer my questions to the best of their ability and if they couldn’t, of course ask someone else. He wasn’t answering my questions and he refused to ask the installers. I asked him if he was threatening to raise the price as I was questioning the length of pipe. He changed his tune and said his numbers could be off.

He told me I could go with a private company if I wanted. We had an 8 minute conversation in which he didn’t raise his voice and nor did I. He interrupted me often and ultimately advised that he wouldn’t argue with me. I advised I would take his lack of professionalism up the chain by way of paper, thanked him and said goodbye.

I guess I was wrong about xxxx . From the first time I met him he seemed sharp, professional and knew his stuff. When faced with some pretty reasonable questions xxxx’s professionalism went out the window and it appears he takes our questions personally as an attack on him or getting beat up as he said himself.

I wonder how ABC123, a company that prides itself on customer service would feel if they knew about this type of customer service. How many other customers has xxxx treated like this, customers who haven’t taken the time to let you know what has happened? Customers who go to private companies to get work done? Customers who are no longer customers?

Based on our treatment Mr. President name our confidence in ABC123 has certainly gone down. If there is a mistake on the pipe length, what other mistake could there be? In addition, we will never know if there is a mistake on the pipe length as clearly xxxx has no intention of following up on it. A 10 foot or 15 foot difference in piping I’m sure would change the cost of this install.

In any event Mr. President name I share this with you for 2 reasons. One to let you know so that you can take whatever action or delegation you see fit to address any internal personnel issues regarding customer service.

Secondly to see what you intend on doing if anything to restore my confidence and my wife’s confidence in ABC123 before we explore alternate options on our water needs.

Thank you.


My name
Phone number
That was the first letter. The letter should give you a good basis on how to format something for your set of circumstances of you need to write a complaint letter about a rude salesperson. Really you can apply the format to many types of complaints. If you need help with a complaint please send me your info and situation, I will try and help.

I will share with you my emails to the manager that took over my case soon! The emails where I ask for the Goodwill.

Remember, it’s your job to give credit where credit is due but it also is everyone’s job to challenge the status quo! Don’t settle! Use my rules on effective complaining and make money by saving money!


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